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Thread: Help: Samsung b7320 restore firmware/ ROM

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    Default Help: Samsung b7320 restore firmware/ ROM

    I am I posting at the right thread of forum?
    Please feel free to move this if it is misplaced.
    And please direct me to where you move it so I can
    keep track. Thanks.

    I just updated my Omnia Pro 7320 to Windows Mobile 6.5 Standard offered
    by AT&T specifically intended for Samsung Jack, I am aware that it is for
    Jack but was not anticipating that it will be very unstalbe
    with B7320. (My fault, I admit that)

    I need any help desperately.
    Is there any ROM or Firmware available from our kind members
    here that will restore my smartphone back to where it was?
    Please let me know.

    My smartphone is newly purchased but I am not enjoying it
    since some of the keys are not functioning well and
    warning lights are constantly on after the update.
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