Benoit Dupont Projekt v1.24.90.S60v3.v5 SymbianOS9.x.incl Keygen-BiNPDA

Use your mobile phone as a real Personal Assistant. Does it not deserve a fully fledged Outliner? Here is your daily assistant, which will help organize your life, at work and at home.

Just got a new idea? Jot it down as a new entry into one of your Projekt lists, or into a new list. Link it to a Contact, or to a Task in the built-in Agenda. Attach a note to it, as long as you wish... You will come back to it later, modify it, link it to an image or to a sound, move it to another place,...

Organize your life into hierarchical lists of all sorts:
* break the complexity of a big project into manageable tasks,
* write meeting notes or prepare presentations and lectures,
* prepare and check shopping lists, packing lists and other structured "todo" lists like cooking recipes...
* organize and comment collections of images and music files on your phone.

Here are some key features of "Projekt (S60 3rd/5th Edition)":

· unlimited number of hierarchical levels, for up to 300 entries per list.
· text wrapping of entries (up to 255 characters each).
· optional checkbox, category, value, date and alarm for each entry.
· each entry can have a Note attached, in the rich text format, of unlimited length.
· up to 6 links per entry, to entries in the Contacts and Calendar applications, or to documents or multimedia files on the phone.
· large number of filtering and sorting options.
· import of lists from text files or opml files, making Projekt compatible with other outliner applications on PC or Mac.
· export of lists to files in the text format, in the html format or in the opml format.
· exchange of lists, e.g. via Bluetooth or email, between two phones running Projekt.
· large number of customization options (fonts, zoom, full screen, display of icons or "name" and "date" boxes for links...) and of keypad / keyboard shortcut commands.


· Symbian S60 3rd/5th Edition

What's New in This Release:

· a toolbar extension with 12 command buttons (top, bottom, zoom+, zoom-, fullscreen, collapse, expand…) has been added,
· "long tap" is now supported, allowing shortcuts to different views and actions, like "Move", filter on category, details update, date update…
· the "Move" virtual navigation button and the different "touch areas" (checkbox, collapse / expand…) are wider and most icons are bigger,
· a "Delete" command was added in the contextual popup menu,
· all General settings are now saved OK,
· navigation and updates in the Details Date and Style pages are improved,
· bugs in the sub-menus of the Links popup menu are fixed (e.g. Find Document, Create Memo…),
· bugs in the formatting sub-menus in the Notes editor are fixed,
· keyboard shortcuts on the N97 are fixed (qwerty keyboard).