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Thread: Clean iPhone Gdesk Design

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    Default Clean iPhone Gdesk Design (Updated)

    Anyone interested...?

    Update1: I'm bit busy right now but I'll try to make some kind of "how to". So patience...
    Basically everything needed is already available... I' am uploading the icons for the ones that know how to
    get everything working. Hope you like them. I know I do.

    Update2:Here is the software used... Plus theme, status bar and main menu icons for both P1 and M600 (note... install the main menu icons after setting the main menu shortcut in Gdesk... i deliberately made the main menu icon black so it could not be seen in Gdesk with black background... )
    I will create a small "how 2" in the next few days.

    Update3: Uploaded the Android Pack... The tutorial and iphone gdd is few posts below... That's it.
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  2. Welcome

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