This is my own version of a Filipino dish named "Dinakdakan".


1/4 kilo Pig Ears/Snout/Skin [whichever is available ]
1/4 kilo Pork [cut into cubes]
2 Onions [Chopped and Minced]
A bit of Vinegar or Lemon juice
and Mayonnaise [For that creamy look ]

First, you boil with salt the pork cubes until tender, if you have pig skins/snout/ears, grill them first until they are tender but not too crispy.

Slice the pig snout/skin/ears into thin pieces about 1/2 inch wide 1/4 inch thick 1 inch long.

After that, Place the chopped grilled pork into a container. Add the garlic,minced onions,lemon juice,pepper,mayonnaise in the container.
Mix em' all up. You can add chili if you like your "Dinakdakan' hot and spicy.

Viola! Bon a petite!

This is how your Dinakdakan should look like.
Each bite can block 1.05X10-5 nanomilimeters in your arteries.
Eat with caution!