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Thread: A perfect guide For Updating firmware in nokia N70 using Phoenix software

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    Smile A perfect guide For Updating firmware in nokia bb5(e.g N70,6630) including firmware:)

    This guide is prepared by me. it is provided with full guide including screen shots. and details..

    Download the doc file from this link.

    Secured URL

    The file WILL NEVER DELETE , unless it stays unactive for 30days.
    so make it alive. plzzz

    yours himu_rocks

    ================================================== ===
    YESS I have made it after 2hr trying. My N70 is now updated from RM-84 V2.0536.02 to Rm-84 V5.0609.2.0.1
    Here is the perfect procedure for U guys who are still trying. Tested in my P4 2.8Ghz/512DDR/Winxp SP2

    INSTALLATION PROCESSES for Updating SW in N70:

    If u have installed PC suite then uninstall every thing also the cable driver.

    Before installation donít connect the phone to the cable..!!! AND remove the Memory card from the mobile. Keep your mobile in normal mode that means donít remove the SIM card. Keep your mobile in Standby Mode.

    1) install Diego. Dont restart the pc after install.

    2) open crack.exe but dont install it yet.

    3) run phoenix_service_sw_2004_39_7_70.exe

    4) you will get msg that you cant continue the installation without nokia dongle.. press retry and immediately press install at the crack program.. setup will continue if you successfully do the crack at the time..

    5) when setup continues, you will get some boxes written continue anyway. dont worry, press continue any way. setup will complete and if it asks you to restart, then restart. the pC. After restart the pc will install some files while you get those DESKey error two times, dont worry.. press ok.after completing the installation u will be loged in windows.

    6) run Nokia_conn_cable_driver_159_ita.msi wait until its complete..

    7) when setup finished, connect your phone through CA-53 or DKU-2 cable.. and wait until its finish install the phone's driver.. it will tell you that 'the device is installed and ready to use.'

    8) then, open phoenix 2004 and minimised it.
    If it shows an error like "Nokia dongle not found" than it will not work, u have to unstall erevy thing and reinstall it from frist step.

    =====remember to uninstall all the drivers such as dku-5 and others and all the phoenix stuffs like flash update including diego... remove all files related to this via add and remove program.. and clean the registry by tuneup utilities (1-click maintenance)====

    9) run phoenix_servise_sw_2006_12_5_136.exe while your phone is connected to the cable. and wait for the dialog "Cannot install Nokia cable driver" there will be three option " About / Retry / Ignore". Click on Ignore. The installation will start. When the installation is finished, It will tells you to restart or not, press restart later.

    10) Now maximize the phoenix back and close it..

    11) Launch the phoenix back and press help to check the version. You will have the phoenix service 2006...

    12) Now close the program Phoenix. Disconnect the cable from the mobile and connect it again.. wait for a while if everything going alright the advice "Your new hardware is installed and ready for usage" (or something like that) are displayed

    It may or may not again install some files while you get those DESKey error two times, donít worry.. press ok. (When I was doing it installs some files)

    13) open the phoenix 2006 software: in the Phoenix select:
    File > manage connections > new > select the USB tab > next > next > manual setup > USB > apply > close
    (You will see that the phone is connected in bottom right corner USB)

    14) Click on File> Scan product

    15) If you want, you can make a backup, select:
    Product>user settings>all settings>backup
    If you make a backup you can restore it with the Restore function. 

    16) Now the Flashing process, select:
    Flashing > SW update
    Wait for a while bcoz at that time it try to communicate with mobile. When all process is completed u will see like this:--

    17) Now U can see that there is box called OPERATING MODE. Select Normal from the box.
    Browse for image file and PPM file according to your telephone model

    FOR N70:
    Code: blank
    Image file: Locate the Firmware file *.C0 for N70: RM84_50609201.C0 (This is my one which I have used)
    PPM File: Locate the Firmware File *.V084 for N70: RM84_50609201.V084 (This is my one which I have used)

    18) Click start, and let the program works it will take 5 min to flash and make it update. At this time donít ever touch the mobile, it will turn off automatically. Donít worry at this moment it will do update.

    19) When it finished polling, disconnect the cable and restart your telephone...maybe it's all OK!!!

    Note: the verifying procedure and polling procedure could not ends well on the N70...but don't worry. Disconnect the cable and switch on the device. (Or open out the battery and sim than put it again and switch it on)

    I tried these steps and it works with my N70 using CA-53 cable. Hope this will help you all guys

    If u need any help plzz feel free to email me at:
    Or send sms me at : +8801717601129 (Bangladesh)
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