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General Rules:

★ 1.a : ALWAYS use Search before posting

★ 1.b : This is an international Site/Forum so please speak (write) only in English inside this forum. You can however use the Native Language Sections for conversing with members in other languages

★ 1.c : mobinuke Forum is aimed at a general audience. This means our site is designed for both young & old. Explicit materials, vulgar language, drug talk, nudity, porn, etc.. is not allowed

★ 1.d : Racist comments or images will not be tolerated

★ 1.e : No Spammers! No Trolls! No Haters! No Bigots! Such persons are most unwelcome here & the Moderators will ensure that you know it and show you to the exit!

★ 1.f : Treat other members positively and with respect. If you see/have a problem, Report it so staff can deal with the issue accordingly

★ 1.g : Do not double post threads. It means that you are not allowed to create identical threads repeatedly unless content is relevant to different devices in different Forum/zones

★ 1.h : Do not hijack, go off topic, bump or needlessly reactivate old/dead threads

★ 1.i : Advertising in any form is not allowed. This includes promoting competitor forums, retail websites, goods, services and software, premium file-host accounts & posting referral URL's. A forum/site name or a forum/site link (most especially those similar to/or competing with mobinuke Forum) should not appear anywhere;
  • in any field of a member’s profile, such as ‘Location’, 'Homepage', etc..
  • in a member’s signature
  • in a member’s avatar or profile picture
  • in any .nfo or .txt file inside any uploaded file
  • in any screenshot or image
  • in any referral link inside any uploaded file
  • in any post/thread/blog being discussed by members
  • in any filenames
  • as file passwords (zip/rar/etc..)
★ 1.j : Promoting of Premium Accounts to enable faster/unlimited downloading is not allowed. Each site has advertising within it's own pages clearly showing benefits of Paid versus Free accounts. Please do not act as a salesperson or chase commission through referrals

Posting Rules:

★ 2.a : Threads must be submitted to the relevant forums. Please read the forum titles / descriptions before posting

★ 2.b : Thread titles must be descriptive



★ 2.d : Do Not Write Titles Or Post Content Capitalising Every Word

★ 2.e : Remove dots from titles


★ 2.f : All Apps, Games and Movie threads MUST have screenshots plus description/info. Do not simply hotlink images from Developer sites or other Forum. Preferably, images should be hosted on public image hosting websites such as (but not limited to):

★ 2.g : If size allows, images may be attached to mobinuke Forum server. Permitted file types, max. filesize/dimensions are currently set as follows:

Attachment 646104

★ 2.h : Any special instructions for installation &/or passwords should be disclosed. Threads/Posts may be removed without notification.

★ 2.i : The use of unusual presentation methods within thread titles and descriptions with the intent to gain attention is not allowed

Words/phrases such as but not limited to:

★ 2.j : All EXTERNAL links (URLs that point to locations outside of mobinuke Forum) must be coded using LINK tag, including - but not limited to - email addresses and passwords.. only exception of external links is the 3rd party file host download link

This is a permitted uncoded link:

These are examples of links that must be coded:

★ 2.k : Do not invent or falsify new releases simply to enable the creation of a new thread & bypass repost rules.

★ 2.l : Do not use any form of 'Keep This Thread Alive' / 'Thread Will Die' nonsense.. whether it be written or with images. mobinuke Forum staff dislike this immensely and you may be suspended or banned for breaking this rule

★ 2.m : Do not simply leech. mobinuke Forum is a sharing community and we will try to help everyone as best as we can and we would be very glad if you were to join in. If you download or like the contents of a post, hit the "Thanks" button and add to members reputation

★ 2.n : Most Forum areas will have dedicated REQUEST threads where members may ask about particular release availability. Under no circumstances should you post or link to software and request cracks/hacks of it.

★ 2.o : One-liner & short messages will be classed as Spam. Remember, if you like the post, simply hit the "Thanks" button & add to members reputation



★ 3.a : Global ban on Black Market apps, Trial and Demos, TomTom, Electronic Arts and Microsoft commercial products ! Genuine 'freeware' is the only exception; free updates may be included ONLY if part of the original 'freeware' agreement. There are harsh consequences for those that fail to observe this rule

★ 3.b : ALL shared files for PC, mobiles, consoles, etc.. MUST be uploaded to external file hosts. Do not attach to mobinuke Forum server. Only images/screenshots are allowed on Server.

★ 3.c : ALL externally hosted files MUST have a 'freely available' option without the need for Premium Accounts, completing surveys or assorted hoop-jumping. This also means ensuring file sizes are within the limits specified by any Hosting Site you upload to. Larger files requiring Premium access may only be shared providing a 'free' option has been given.

★ 3.d : {NEW}
All new threads started in mobile apps/games/themes sections must include a minimum of 2 download links from different 3rd party file hosts <click> for more details

★ 3.e : Certain file hosts and link sites are restricted from use here by use of censor. Do not attempt to bypass this in any way. These sites include, but not limited to the following, subject to addition with immediate effect:
  • sharecash com
  • linksbucks com
  • usercash com
  • adf ly
  • uploadbox com
  • tinyurl com
  • snipurl com
  • makeashorterlink com
  • masl to
  • letitbit net
  • sharecash org
★ 3.f : {NEW} Do not excessively and unnecessarily 'pad out' your archives/files (rar,zip,etc..). For example, adding a 10MB .mp3 with a 50k .sis OR 3mb image file with a 3mb .apk just to earn an extra file host point is totally unacceptable. Maximum acceptable file size that can be added in rar/archive is 3mb. Staff reserve the right to edit any file & re-upload or simply remove/trash without notification

★ 3.g : Do not post masked, protected, redirecting or referral links otherwise your post may be edited or simply removed/trashed without notification


★ 4.a : Do not use common text, phrase or image to imitate a Signature. This is a 'privilege' option retained for Staff, selected usergroups & donators to mobinuke Forum only. The only exception is 'app signatures' as found in Tapatalk & similar; ie.. 'sent from my <device> using <appname>' providing no direct conflict with other rules (1.b exemption)

★ 4.b : Do not misuse User Profiles for self-promotion, advertising or referrals. This includes adding URLs for personal websites and blogs in profile Location setting

★ 4.c : We recommend you use a strong password, consisting of AlphaNumerics & Symbols. Many online sites are available, such as Secured URL.. just Google 'Password Generator'. Your account safety is in your own hands

★ 4.d : Stay aware of our Forum Announcements.. rules & procedures can change and this is where we will tell you about it

★ 4.e : mobinuke Forum reserves the right to cancel, withdraw, suspend or terminate ANY user account in violation of any rule, global or otherwise, without notification


  • mobinuke Forum enlists the help and assistance of several dedicated & enthusiastic Forum members to keep order and tidy up where needed

  • They are here to ensure the Forum Rules are followed and charged with maintaining discipline, if required

  • Please respect that they are a voluntary 'Staff' who give up much of their own free time to provide the best environment for our members

  • The same rights and privileges given to members apply to Moderators; so treat them with equal respect as you should any other member

  • Moderators will assist as much as possible but often, may be required to edit, move or delete posts/threads/blog entries without notification

  • In the event of misconducts, Moderators and Administrators will award penalties for any violations of Forum Rules depending on the seriousness of the offence

  • If you believe you have been awarded a penalty unfairly or incorrectly, you may appeal by contacting an Administrator via Private Messaging ONLY. Do not post complaints or dispute Moderator actions in open forum as this could harm your review judgement.


  • mobinuke Forum is overseen and maintained by an appointed team of volunteers. We are responsible for creating, amending & upholding Forum policy

  • We reserve the right to change Forum rules and policies at any time. It is YOUR responsibility to read announcements regarding rules and policy changes.

  • Specific policies for a specific forum may be posted as Announcements at the top of that particular section/topic. It is YOUR responsibility to read these and be aware of any changes.

  • Ignorance is no excuse. Announcements are located above the threads list inside each section/topic, so please click & read them.

Penalty System (Infraction):

  • mobinuke Forum uses a points system as a means to log poor conduct, policy violation or general misbehaviour by individuals

  • The number of points awarded is determined by several preset values for common offences & arbitrary values applied at Moderators discretion where value is deemed insufficient or presets do not identify offence adequately

  • Anyone accruing 10 points or more will be automatically Suspended until such time as previous points expire and count falls below 10 again

  • Moderators have the option to give Warnings in place of Infraction should there be cause for leniency. These have 0 points value & therefore do not directly affect Infraction points scoring; However, prior Warnings will increase the likelihood of an Infraction for next offences.

  • Infraction: Preset Values:
    • Expiry: 14 Days
    • 1 Inappropriate Language
    • 1 Bypassing autocensor
    • 1 Thanks Spam
    • 1 'Keep Thread Alive' Request
    • 1 Thanks Request / Rep Request
    • 1 Signature/Avatar Rule Violation
    • 2 Minor 'flaming' : post
    • 2 Multiple Inappropriate Language
    • 2 'trolling' : post
    • 4 'flame' : insulting Member(s) or their families : post
    • 5 Advertising / Promotions Violation

      Expiry: 28 Days
    • 5 Disregarding Forum Rules
    • 5 Disregarding Moderator action or warnings
    • 5 Public Discussion of Mod Action (PDMA)
    • 6 Creating a Flame / Troll thread
    • 10 Advocating violence/ threats to other posters
    • 10 Abuse of Visitor / Private Messaging System
    • 10 Posted Explicit Content (sexual/violent material)
    • 15 Phishing : attempt to steal user info
    • 15 Posting Restricted/Forbidden Content

      Expiry: Never (automatic ban)
    • 30 Spammed Advertisements

    Custom Infraction: duration @ Moderators discretion
  • 0-30 @ Moderators Discretion

    Temporary Ban: duration up to 2 years
  • Duration @ Moderators discretion

    Ban: Permanent
  • Accumulated 30 points OR @ Moderators discretion

The Small Print:

Individual forums may have additional rules that must be adhered to. You will find them within stickied posts
We appreciate the time You took to read The Board Rules. Enjoy Your time here at mobinuke Forum and please follow these rules

The very small print:

mobinuke Forum staff assume members have read these rules and will not accept ignorance as an excuse for not following the them
The breaking of any rule WILL lead to you being warned, suspended or even banned without notice so don't risk it!
This list is not exhaustive and may be amended or added to at any time as required and without notice so check back regularly